Thursday, May 24, 2007

Well, my Ca125 is up to 141.5, but my CT scan is steady as a rock and My exam is unchanged. Soo, we are starting tamoxifen. Everybody pray that this is the ticket.

P and L and B and K are all coming this weekend for aunty pesty's graduation and grandma 1's birthday party. I have a long list of things to do tomarrow.
Take M to school, have awards assembly and then go to chiropractor, stop by the store and get rasins and stuff for the party. Then go home and put it all together.

D has been working so hard, he is divorceing himself from the partnership of ATC, that has really been a mess. In three weeks we should have a new red barn in the front part of the property.
MIL is going to pay prime money to have a chain link fence "because it looks nicer than goat fence." to block off my driveway so that she can let her dog out.
Never mind that if she doesn't get a motorized gate that
I will have to drive to the gate,
get out,
open the gate,
get in my car,
drive 5 feet,
get out,
close the gate
and then get back in the car to drive to Dallas at 5:20 in the morning.
Add rain or cold weather.
Foul language will be spewing from my mouth every day and the gate will not be closed by me. I just know me.
Don't fence me in and don't block my way at 5:20 am on the way to work. I get cranky if I have to stop or anything other than Starbucks.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I'm back. Did I ever say that I hate change? They changed the blogger stuff with google and I just didn't have time to figure out the new passwords and loggin stuff.

I am currently OFF CHEMO!!!!! It has been wonderful. Last month my CA 125 was back up to 110, but that is about what it had been. So Monday I get another CA 125 and another CAT scan. Everybody pray that I am still stable. At this point I am praying for the summer off chemo. Next weekend is mom's 75th birthday party, Niece finially graduates, and in June M is getting a happy un-birthday party. Her birthday is in the middle of christmas break so she doesn't get to have a big party. Then in July we are going to califonia to visit family and DisneyLand.

Took my billy goat today and he is now a wheather. King did really well, and he doesn't seem to be in pain or bothered by the surgery.

Just wanted to stay connected. TTFN

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Went to see Dr Stringer after a 10 week break from chemo and my counts dropped by 30 points. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We did the no chemo dance in the office. I am scheduled for a baseline CT scan next wednesday and we are going to go month by month OFF CHEMO. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!

The past couple of months have been crazy.
Taking care of goats. I am now down to a manageable level of only 8 goats. I sent 8 to auction last weekend. (Didn't make any money. Look for a website along the lines of Penni's Pygmies coming soon.) If I don't get a website I may do a new blogg. I'll keep you posted.

M had spring break last week and we went to the movies, the Dallas Zoo and shopping.
Last weekend we went up to see B and K. Had a great time.

More laster gotta go.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It has been so long since I have blogged that they have changed everything.
Well, I have been super busy.

On January 11, I had 7 baby goats born. A couple of days later 2 died, and two were neglected by bad nannies. I couldn't bare to let thoses die so guess who has been feeding them? Yep, me and M, D and MIL. They are just about weaned. Then three days ago we had another baby goat born. I hope that's the last. I know have 19 goats. Anybody want baby goats? How about trading Mr Studdly for another billy? How about goat chops or goat stew?

Had my last visit with Dr S. My counts are still up and down, but stable, my ct scan was stable and my mugga scan was perfect. I do get a week off as my mouth has not recovered enough to get another dose of doxil.

Happy Valentines day!

Still Stable

Friday, January 05, 2007

Happy New Year a little late.

Holidays just add to the list of all the things I've got to do.

Had a good christmas, M got lots of games and beads. P and L came with E and R. Had a great time. Everyone was sick or getting sick from everyone over christmas. Mom had bronchitis and hurt her back. It's still giving her fits.

M had her 7th birthday. She got to go spend $80.00. She took her time and got some great things.

I finally came down with the family cold. Stayed in bed all day saturday and Sunday. I have a brand new suit wear to church and I have yet to get to wear it.

Update on CA. my ca 125 last month was 104 down just a touch. Everything seems to be stable. Will see Dr S again on my birthday. I tried to get my B-day off , but Dr S. scheudule is full up, they are working me in as it is. I have Saturday and Sunday off, so we will have to celebrate over the weekend. It's suppose to be cold and icy.

M is selling girl scout cookies this year. I get to be cookie manager. I hope I'm up to the task.

Gotta go. TTFN

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

First Photo is of the drunken male butterflys at the butterfly bar.

Second is the native butterfly of Grand Cayman.

Finally, my

"Change of Lattitude"

It was wonderful, HOT, and relaxing.
I am back among the living. The past 5 days have not been good. I swear that when I had chemo this week, they slipped in the hard core chemo. I was so sick that my doc ordered steroids to get me thru it. It worked, I am at least out of bed and my bathrooms are clean.

D and I went on our first cruise. The ship, the ride and the whole experience was great.
Jamaica - the land and countryside was just beautiful. The people - they were overwhelming.
We took the Overland and Black river safari. They drive on the wrong side of the road, they go 50 to 60 miles per hour, and their road are narrow, and full of pot holes. They say "no problem", "ya man", and "ire man". It was scary on the ride, but the countryside was green, lush and all my house plants were growing wild along the road. That was sooo cool. I wish I could have brought plants home, but there was a ban on plants and flowers. When we got the river we saw three crocodiles, and lots of birds. We even saw a man in a home made canoe and he showed us his catch. Photos to come as soon as I get them off D's computor.

Then we saw the Butterfly Farm and beach of Grand Caymen. They drive on the wrong side of the road too, but they don't drive crazy. I have some great photos of the butterflys. Will try to up load some soon. I have a great photo of my "change of Lattitude" No beer, but I was drinking a fruit punch soda.

Cozumel was our great fun. We drove jeeps around the island and went to a Myan lighthouse ruin. Then we went on a mile long snorkal swim to the reef, we saw beautiful fish, and a sea turtle. They took up back to the real lighthouse and we climbed up the stair all the way up.
They feed up homemade real mexican fajitas with corn/wheat tortillas, boy was that a treat.

We had dinner with a great couple from Katie Tx. and we met so many fun and wonderful people. I hated to come home, but I did miss M. very much.

We loved it so much we bought a cruise vacation plan and we get two resort vacations too.
I 'm hoping to use one vacation resort for Disney world, I don't know about the other one.

Im going to try and post photos now.


Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween!

Had my Dr appointment today. My CT scan is rock steady, no growth noted. And my CA125 is down to 106. Yea! I am taking this month off as a vacation. D and I will be heading out on our change of lattitude in a couple of weeks. We wandered all over Dallas looking for the scuba shop, finally found it and bought our snorkle stuff and an underwater camera so we can take pictures of the tropical fish. I can't wait.

Now for the sad news, found out today that S is off the wagon. He has gone missing since he left here. He has not paid his bills, has been evicted from his apartment and his mom found evidence. My heart is broken. He is 21, yet he still acts like he's 14. We don't know what to do. I had E track him down, but S still hasn't called us. We are just worried sick. We don't know how to get thru to him. We all make stupid mistakes, but this one is just too stupid to make twice.

Last night Canton had its halloween party for all the kids. M went as a black cat. She had so much fun. We sprayed black and red hair spray in her hair and face painted whiskers on her face. She and her friend played all the games and came home with a buck full of candy.

Well, hope you all have a great Halloween and TTFN.